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That's how many charities there are in the UK, as I write.

According to PolicyBee, 'Small or micro-charities comprise a huge 96% of the sector. On average, around 5,000 new charities register with the Charity Commission each year in the UK – but a similar number also close down, which has left industry growth fairly static over the past decade.'

The insurance company goes on to say that half of these 412,396 charities have an annual income of less than £10,000. 80% of all UK charities bring in less than £100,000.

It's a chicken and egg situation, however. The smaller charities could raise more funds if they could afford a fundraiser. But, because they only raise nominal funds, they can't afford to pay for a dedicated professional.

In most of these scenarios, the founder is running the charity in their spare time, around paid employment that covers their bills. The first problem, therefore, is freeing up time. A certain amount of funded hours each week to work on the charity, to focus on bringing in enough funds that will allow the founder to concentrate on boosting the organisation's revenue.

I launched Evolve3 to make that happen.

Call me on 07983 089621 to find out more.


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