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Battle of the Barristers

Battle of the Barristers

Our team-building sessions are fun, effective and affordable. Designed to improve employees’ negotiation and deductive skills, to boost collaboration and develop alternative points of view, they centre on forensic and judicial procedure as well as real and fictional criminal cases…because we all love a bit of murder and mystery.

Battle of the Barristers sees two teams debate a crime, just as they would in a real court case. The teams assess the evidence as a group before each piece of information is allocated to an individual member of your team, who will try their best to influence the judge against their sparring partner on the other side who’s been tasked with the same.
Educational, thought-provoking, unusual - and, above all, fun - this is a team activity not to be missed. And, in helping your team hone their skills, you’ll also be helping good causes in your community flourish, too.

Get in touch to discuss further and book your team-building activity.

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