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Training Programmes

From comprehensive training on AI products and digital skills to short courses on marketing techniques, writing tenders and bid applications, content creation and social group moderation, Evolve3 can save you time and money as well as attract further income and new leads.

How would you like to complete 40% more work in the same amount of time that you do now? How would you like to work with a bank of new customers? How would you like to go above and beyond your customers' expectations day in, day out? How would you like your employees to do this, too?

Evolve3 offers off-the-peg and bespoke training solutions for individuals and small groups of employees. We don't believe in talking at hundreds of people at a two-hour seminar (in which most likely zone out and play on their phone anyway) - we believe in engaging people and implementing within them the skills they need to flourish individually and as a team.

Our most popular training centres on AI models; however, we have many more courses and programmes. Far from just being a content creation tool, we show you how to use virtual solutions for a range of business needs. Get in touch for more information.

Training YOU

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"I found the session extremely insightful and interesting. It will be a useful tool in obtaining independent assessments and reviews for my clients and will continually improve and challenge content."

Diana Holden CF APMP

Diana Holden Bid Writing Service

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