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  • Team-building activities and events

  • Training programmes and services

  • Business growth and marketing strategy

BECOME better. DO good.

Evolve3 delivers a range of affordable and effective team building activities, AI training and business growth services to corporates and larger organisations.

Evolve 3 is a community interest company; its profits empower small charities, unincorporated groups and social entrepreneurs, and gives them the help they need to grow their cause.

Evolve 3 founder, Diane Hall

​A word from the founder...

I'm Diane Hall, and I’ve worked across the private and voluntary/third sector throughout my career. In marketing, training and consultancy roles, I've been tasked with generating income, improving visibility and reach, developing staff, implementing efficiencies, and more. I can help your business grow and your staff flourish.

I launched Evolve3 in 2022, not just to share my knowledge, but also to do some good in the world.

Take my word for it, it’s not a level playing field in the third sector, and I'm striving to even things out a little. When we work together, not only will I be helping your company by delivering the services you need, in the process, you'll be helping the little guys, who are also battling to make an impact in places and on issues that no one else bothers with. Through your CSR commitment, you will provide a lifeline to a local community, minority group and/or an area of disadvantage.

Want to know more? Let's have a coffee and a natter.

AI Training

The real skill with AI is how to create the most effective prompts bespoke to your role that will boost your productivity by up to 40%.

Business Growth

Evolve3 offers a range of services and solutions to help your business expand and increase its income.

Team Building

Boost the collaboration, negotiation and problem-solving skills of your people through engaging and effective team-building activities.


Evolve3's 'Welcome to the Comfort Zone' covers the subject of introversion. You do not have to push yourself out of your comfort zone with all the tools available today.

What do you consider to be 'immersive'?

What do you consider to be 'immersive'?

Willy Wonka Glasgow Event – The limitations of AI in marketing

Willy Wonka Glasgow Event – The limitations of AI in marketing

Will poor mental health become the next global pandemic?

Will poor mental health become the next global pandemic?

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